Hey Soul Sista friend, Feeling this?

The Fit Goddess Academy is EXACTLY the space tomake this happen.

Here's why 

This Program Isn’t Just About Losing Inches Or Building Muscle. (Though That’s Totally A Byproduct 😏)
It’s About Coming Together And Creating Your Own Unique Fit Goddess Plan That Will Last You, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. #Goodbyerestriction

This Is The Only Program That Will Teach You Optimal Eating,

A Unique Combination Of Flexible Dieting And Intuitive Eating That I’ve Developed After YEARS Of Studying, Testing And Using Them Myself To Create My Most Optimal And Feel Good Nutrition.

We Will Also Be Working On Sustainable Habits That Enhance Not Just Your Physical Health, But Also Your Spiritual, Psychological And Emotional Well-Being.


So You Can Feel FREE From The INSIDE OUT.



Let's be honest, fitness is about nurturing your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical well-being because, whether you believe it or not….

EVERYTHINNNGGG is connected.

Truth is, Neglecting ANY of these (or ONLY focusing all your energy on just ONE) will consistently lead to temporary results, repeated cycles and never truly feeling as GOOD as you really should. 😉

That is where I come in. 😏

Hey, I'm Sara 💕

For years I was stuck hating
my body, trying every diet I
could find, & doing hours of

I was obsessed with my body image &
food which prevented me from being
fully present in other areas of my life.
Lack of confidence & confusion in
relation to health & well-being was a
LITERALLY a consistent struggle.

Once I discovered weight-lifting and got
my personal training certification, ALL I
wanted was huuuge glutes, muscle
curves and a toned stomach
 which led
to neglect of my ACTUAL well-being.

I was OBSSESSSED with aesthetic goals
and that triggered my disordered
eating behavior. #relatable

I knew the science behind training & nutrition
but there was a huuuge gap between
knowing what needs to be done and actually
doing things that are good for me. This is
when things get spicy.



Once I shifted my focus from aesthetic goals
and started training for strength, fueling my
body with food that makes me feeeeel as
good as I look. 😏


AND most importantly…


Doing inner work is when I saw the most
change with my body.


This is the best I’ve EVER felt emotionally,
mentally & physically.


The deeeep transformation starts from the
inside out and that’s what The Fit Goddess Academy is all about. To me, fitness is more
than just Instagram workouts & basic af
meal plans. 😉

Ready To Become Besties With Holistic Fitness That Not Only Helps You Achieve Your DREAM Body But Also FEELS Good On Every Level?

Then The Fit Goddess Academy Was Made For You!

Once You Join The Academy, The First Thing We’ll Do Is Hop On A 60 Minute Call Where We’ll Dive Deeeep Into Your Current Habits, Plateaus, Inner Blocks & Goals.


“Sara really taught me sustainability and how to become healthy from the inside out. The mental changes she’s brought to my life are far more important than the physical ones.”

Janae has been able to completely change her relationship with food and fitness. She went from yo yo dieting and restriction to falling in love with her body, mind and her relationship with food.

“Sara’s helped me completely transform my physique AND my relationship with myself.”

Jillee was working out for years without seeing progress and she was lost when it came to nutrition. After working together for 4 months she was able to completely transform her relationship with fitness and herself. She’s lost fat, built muscle and cultivated confidence. All while eating more carbs than ever before.

“She’s helped me accomplish more for my health than I did in the years before by myself.”

Before working with Sara, I had goals but no plan – I’d restrict myself from foods then cave and binge on junk. I’ve been working with Sara for just over 4 months and in that time, she’s helped me accomplish more for my health than I did in the years before by myself. My body feels better, looks better, but most importantly my mindset is better! Sara doesn’t just give you cookie cutter plans for your goals – she tailors your plan to you and pays attention to how you’re progressing and how you’re feeling!

“The past 14 weeks have flown by and not one single day has felt like a ‘plan’ or ‘diet’.”

I chose to work with Sara as it was important for me to find a coach that focuses on sustainability and also Sara being a fellow vegan was a huge plus for me! The past 14 weeks have flown by and not one single day has felt like a ‘plan’ or ‘diet’. Choosing to work with Sara has been completely life changing for me as I have now FINALLY changed my mindset to food and gotten rid of the all or nothing mentality. Thanks once again 🥰 you are truly the best!

“I finally have the mindset that this is a ‘forever’ thing, not a ‘summer’ thing.”

Jordan’s favorite things about our program: 

👉🏻 “I feel stronger – carrying the vacuum up & down the stairs is easy now” 
👉🏻 “Skipping the elevator and walking up and down the stairs at work is so easy – everyone else gets out of breath”
👉🏻“My mindset has changed I don’t get upset if I ‘overeat’ or miss training days”

👉🏻 “I finally have the mindset that this is a ‘forever’ thing, not a ‘summer’ thing.
👉🏻 “I feel like I have a coach, not a personal trainer – she’s there for you with mind work just as much as body work”


Option 1: The Fit Goddess Selenite

This 17 week program is best for the Goddess who thrives with extra support, accountability, motivation and wants to accelerate her results!

The Selenite Goddess Investment:

$1555 Paid In Full
4 Monthly Payments of $434

Option 2: The Fit Goddess Amethyst

This 17 week program is best for the Goddess who’s a self starter, self motivated and ready to do the work WITHOUT breaking the bank!

The Amethyst Goddess Investment:

$888 Paid In Full
4 Monthly Payments of $244

What Makes The Fit Goddess Academy Different From Every Other Fitness Program?👇

Made it to the bottom? 😉

If you’re thinking to yourself “but this won’t work for me, I’ve tried everything…” then you’re absolutely right. It won’t.

You’ve created limitations for yourself that are keeping you exactly where you’re at right now.

Since you’re reading this page I will assume that you’re not fully happy with where you’re at right now. THAT’S OKAY.

The only way to achieve different results is to do something you’ve never done before.

It’s going to feel scary and you are going to experience uncertainty.

Take a minute and just breathe. Let go of the what if’s, the no’s and the I can’ts.

Ask Yourself, how would my Highest Self act?

Whatever unpleasant emotions you’re experiencing in your life that are keeping you stuck are there for a reason.

Whether it’s your body, your routines or the way you see yourself. Honor those emotions but also understand that this is exactly where you need to go, don’t run away from it because they will come back stronger.

You are your own Universe with Infinite Goddess energy flowing through you,

you can do anything.

And I’m here to show you how.

-Coach Sara xx


How is this program different than others?

Besides getting your own unique Goddess Strength Training Plan that fits your lifestyle this is also the only program that will teach you Optimal Eating, a unique combination of Flexible Dieting and Intuitive Eating. We will also be working on sustainable habits that enhance not just your physical health, but also your spiritual, psychological and emotional well-being.

How do I know this is going to work for me?

This is 100% personalized coaching where we will create a plan that fits not just your goals but also your lifestyle. If you commit to transforming your life, follow our guidance and believe in yourself the program will work.


Can you guarantee me results?

Though I cannot guarantee results, I can guarantee an experience of a lifetime where I will show up to support you 110% in your journey to creating lasting freedom in your body, mind and life.

The biggest determining factor in your success, is YOU! And I’m ready to meet you to the extent at which you’re ready to show up for yourself ❤️

This isn’t like any other cookie cutter program, this is me walking with you day by day, side by side, and holding you in your greatest unfoldment as you step into your limitless potential.

I’ll be here to support you each day as you journey through this to ensure you get the best results possible so long as you choose to show up and put in the work.



Are there payment plans?

Yes, we have monthly payment plan options available!


Is there coaching involved?

Yes this is 100% personalized 1-1 coaching!


What if I’m afraid to invest?

Making a big life change IS scary. If you weren’t scared, would it be big enough? As humans, we have a need for certainty but real change comes from doing something we’ve never done before. The move you’re scared of making might just be the ONE!


I’m still not sure if this is right for me, can I have a call with you?

Yes absolutely, you can book a call here.